Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grand Rapids Storm Classic Preview

The Grand Rapids Storm Classic will be one of the Midwest best tourneys in April. Numerous top programs like Team Pride, Michigan Mustangs, King James, Grand Rapids Storm, Michigan Roadrunners will be in attendance. Below is a look at some players expected to participate:


Devin Oliver 6'5 Wing Kalamazoo Central 
Keith Appling 6'2 G Detroit Pershing Michigan Mustangs 
Alex Gauna 6'9 PF Eaton Rapids Michigan Mustangs
John Horford 6'9 PF Grand Ledge Michigan Mustangs
Walter Pitchford 6'9 PF Grand Rapids Forest Hills Central Michigan Mustangs
Matt Kaminiecki 6'7 F Clarkston Michigan Mustangs
Juwan Howard, Jr 6'6 Wing Detroit Pershing Michigan Mustangs
LaDontae Henton 6'6 F Lansing Eastern Michigan Mustangs
Tommie McCune 6'8 F Saginaw High Team Pride 
Dyland Hughes 6'2 G Kalamazoo Central Team Pride
DeMondre Chapman 6'6 PF Flint Carman-Ainsworth King James
Cameron Wright 6'4 2G Cleveland Benedictine King James
Derek Jackson 6'1 PG Cleveland Benedictine King James
Zach Price 6'11 C Lakewood St. Ed's King James
Taron Boose 6'3 Wing Flint Beecher Team Pride
Glenn Cosey 6'1 PG Flint Carman Ainsworth  Team Pride
Jaylen Larry 6'8 PF Flint Carman Ainsworth Team Pride
Colin Voss 6'8 PF East Grand Rapids GR Storm
Nate VanArendonk 6'10 C Grand Haven GR Storm
Cole Darling 6'8 Wing Holt Michigan Roadrunners


Tommie McCune 6'8 F Saginaw High Team Pride
Shaquille Smith 5'8 PG Flint Northern Team Pride
Darius Norman 6'6 Wing Kalamazoo Central Team Pride
Trey Babers 6'5 2G Saginaw High Team Pride
Matt Costello 6'9 C Bay City Western Team Pride
Matt Poches 6'4 Wing Hartland Team Pride
DeAnthony Arnette 6'0 PG Saginaw High Team Pride
TJ Buchanan 6'1 G Kalamazoo Central Kazoo Blues
Ryan Majerle 6'4 Wing Rockford GR Storm
Jorddan Myrick 5'10 PG West Ottawa GR Storm


Matt Costello 6'9 C Bay City Western Team Pride
Kenny Kaminski 6'6 Wing Medina (OH) Team Pride
Antwan Burkes 5'9 PG Flint Beecher Team Pride
Dorian Dawkins 5'10 PG Central Middle Team Pride
Quinn Langston 6'3 Wing Flint Hamady Team Pride
Anton Wilson 6'4 2G Flint Carman-Ainsworth Team Pride
Treyvon Crater 6'3 PG Akron SVSM King James
Damonte Flannigan 6'7 PF 8th grade King James

Many more players were left off the list. Look for reports following the event...

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