Monday, September 7, 2009

Ben Darling speaks

Ben Darling, the father of Holt High School star Cole Darling gave a few reasons why his son Cole committed to Wright State today. During the phone interview with BOTB one thing was clear, the visit the Darling family took to Wright State, blew them away. The elder Darling stated that "Oakland was the leader for much of the recruitment, until we visited Wright State. We really like the Oakland staff, their players and facilities, but we really felt that Wright State was the right fit,". He continued to explain " A lot of times coaches, players, etc talk about the right fit, committing when things feel right, when you have the right fit, and Wright State was totally the right fit,". "We sat down as a family as well as with extended family, and when it came down to it we felt as if Wright State was the place to go,". 

The family took a visit to Northeastern last week, and they were also heavily in the running as well as Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Detroit, and of course Oakland. 

Oakland is still heavily recruiting Saginaw Arthur Hill Sr PG Maurice Jones.

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