Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Showdown in the Valley Report

17u Champion-Team Detroit Over Team Pride MVP:Trey Zeigler
16u Champion-Saginaw All or Nothing Over Team Pride MVP: Marquavis Ford
15u Champion-Team Pride Over Parallel 45 MVP: Kenny Kaminski
14u Champion-Team Pride/Superfriends Over Saginaw All or Nothing MVP:Steven Haney
13u Champion-Team Pride Over Flint Affiliation MVP:Malik Hamilton
12u Champion-JRich Ballers Over Team Pride
11u Champion-Flint Affiliation
10u Champion-JRich Ballers Over Saginaw Panthers

Top Players Over the Weekend

Team Detroit 17u:

Trey Zeigler 6'5 G Mt. Pleseant
Walter Pitchford 6'9 C Grand Rapids Forest Hills Central
Corey Petros 6'10 C Utica Eisenhower
Maurice Jones 5'7 PG Arthur Hill
Richaud Pack 6'2 SG Birmingham Seaholm
Percy Gibson 6'7 PF Detroit Southeastern

Team Pride 17u:

DMarco Sanders 6'2 G Flint Powers
Derrick Davis 6'2 G Bridgeport
Darvin Ham 6'5 Wing Bridgeport
Tommie McCune 6'8 F Saginaw High 2011
AJ Thomas 5'7 PG Saginaw Heritage
Taveon Whitson 6'3 Wing Saginaw High

Parallel 45 17u:

Dwaun Anderson 6'4 Wing 2011 Suttons Bay
Garrett Mortenson 5'11 PG 2011 St. Ignance

OAA Select:

Thomas Lovachis 6'1 Wing Stockbridge
Mitchell Vallie 6'4 Wing Goodrich?

Team Pride 16u:

Christian Vaughn 6'1 G Saginaw High 2010
Tommie McCune 6'8 F Saginaw High
Shaquille Smith 5'9 PG Flint Northern
Trey Babers 6'5 Wing Saginaw High
Tink Sherman 5'10 PG Saginaw High 2010
James Johnson 6'4 Wing Saginaw Heritage 2010

Team Detroit 16u:

Ray Lee 6'2 G Robichaud 2012
Percy Gibson 6'7 PF Detroit Southeastern
Urban Bigham 6'6 PF Country Day
Lee Bailey 5'10 PG Country Day

All or Nothing 16u:

Marquavis Ford 6'2 G Saginaw High
Evellis McGee 5'10 PG Saginaw High
D'Vario Gaines 6'6 F 2012 Saginaw High
Bryant Epperson 6'0 G 2010 Saginaw High

Saginaw FOH:

Jaylen Bland 6'2 G Transferring to California
Kevin Marshall 6'7 PF 2012 Saginaw High
Dre Wiley 5'8 PG Saginaw High

Camp Jordon:

George Goodman 5'9 PG Saginaw Buena Vista

Team Pride 15u:

Kenny Kaminski 6'7 Wing Medina(OH)
Matt Costello 6'8 PF Bay City Western
Donald Fisher 6'8 PF Flint Northern
Anton Wilson 6'4 Wing Flint Carman-Ainsworth
Travontis Richardson 6'2 Wing Saginaw High

Team Pride 14u:

Derrick Walton 5'10 PG Detroit
Steven Haney 6'4 Wing East Lansing High

Tourney Highlights:

-The Breakout performances of players like Dwaun Anderson, the 6'4 super wing from up north, Suttons Bay. Anderson is one of the top 2011 wings in Michigan, and a potential high major player. Shaquille Smith from Flint Northern, showed people what I've been saying all along, he's a elite guard in the state.

-The competitive of the 17u division. There was no blowouts, Team Pride got an impressive win over Team Detroit's juggernaut 17u and Parallel 45 and OAA Select also balled the entire weekend.

-The abundance of talent in Saginaw, MI. The talent in Saginaw is scary, it may be safe to say that their isn't another city in the state of Michigan right now with more talent top to bottom than Saginaw. At one time the entire 16u division championship was all Saginaw High players, all 10 on both side of floor. Saginaw FOH and Camp Jordon also featured players from Buena Vista, Heritage, Bridgeport, etc.

-The guard play of Team Pride's 17s. All weekend the guard play carried the Pride 17s along. In a pool play victory against Team Detroit, Derrick Davis a 6'3 Wing from Bridgeport, Damarco Sanders a 6'2 G from Flint Powers and AJ Thomas a 5'8 PG from Saginaw Heritage were stellar. Thomas emerged as one of the elite PG's in the state. Troy Wright another one of Heritage guards also played well. Sanders also couldn't be stopped from the perimeter and Davis was a beast in transition and made numerous athletic plays.

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