Saturday, November 22, 2008

St. Mark's vs. Finday Prep Game-National Prep Showcase

Findlay Prep, arguably the top team in the country, almost went down to St. Mark's, which is now a top 5 prep school program in the nation. Findlay did pull away 90-86. Below is a recap of the games top players:

St. Mark's

Erik Murphy-The 2009 Florida commit, was sidelined the entire first half with foul trouble, but he produced big time in the second half with 21 points. His hook shot is money and he runs the floor like a demon. He is also extremely long, but he must make the chippies down low and continue to get stronger and tougher though to contribute significantly next year at Florida.

Nate Lubick-The 2010 Georgetown commit, was the second best player in this game. He is extremely tough, and he has a wide array of skills on offense. He chases everything on the glass and plays extremely hard. Has 27 and 9 today. 3-ball is flat out money and is athletic enough to bang on you down low. Should be a Mickey D's AA in 2010, he's that good.

Melsahn Basabe-Intriguing 2010 post. Long, athletic, can run and can finish. Amazing offensive rebounder, very quick jumper. Around 6'7, didn't play much but if he gets stronger and adds more moves and becomes more aware on D, could be high major.

David Johnson- I think this 2009 PG, made the right decision on what level he picked in going to Quinnipiac. Isn't quite big enough to go high major, but boy did he play well today. Can shoot it, and has good court awareness. Great ball-handler, athletic. Had 12 and 10 assists today.

Findlay Prep

Avery Bradley-Top 10 player in the country. Mid-Range jumper is cash, gets up extremely high on his jumper. Has a great crossover to the middle for the pull up J. Extremely long and a pesky defender. Amazingly athletic, a beast on the boards, the kid is just flat out good. Texas got a Great one! Most likely is a one and done.

DJ Richardson-Pretty good shooter, long and good on the drive. I was pretty impressed with his game. Illinois pledge.

Cory Joseph- I love guys that can shoot and he is one of them. Wouldn't quite call him a PG yet because he isn't to good dribbling with his left. St. Mark's would have won if it wasn't for his timely treyballs. Hearing Minnesota is the leader!

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