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Post Summer Report

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Post Summer Report

By Lou Dawkins

After watching games at the adidas Super 64 and The Reebok Summer Championships, I came away thinking one thing, Michigan high school basketball, may not be as good as it once was, but it is still, per capita, one of; if not the best basketball state in America. The Michigan Mustangs, Michigan Hurricanes, Grand Rapids Storm, West Michigan Lakers, and Camp Darryl where just some of the Michigan travel basketball powerhouses out in Vegas, and each organization had marquee performance from Michigan’s top players. So please don’t believe the myth, Michigan basketball is still filled with talent and great teams. Below is our free Summer Report, which includes scouting reports from Vegas, our Michigan player rankings for the classes of 2009-2012, and the top players in the country, class of 2009-2011, and Top 5 in the country for 2011.


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Las Vegas Scouting Reports

Colin Voss, 6’7 PF, 2010, East Grand Rapids/Grand Rapids Storm- Got it done in Vegas, as a rising junior averaged 8 pts per game against the best competition in the country. Vicious on the boards, and fairly athletic. Football may be his sport, but low-mid major D1 schools should take a look at him for hoops also.

Tommie McCune, 6’8 PF, 2011, Saginaw High/Michigan Mustangs- May be going from potential player to production player. Top 5 player in Michigan’s 2011 class. Went right at 2011 phenom 6’7 Chane Behanan of Ohio Basketball Club in Vegas, and may have won the matchup. High Major Player.

Trey Ziegler, 6’5 G, 2010, Mt. Pleseant High/Team Detroit- Was on a scoring rampage in Vegas. Best player in Michigan, and its not even close. I watched him give adidas powerhouse Team Philly 40 points and made it look easy. Elite High Major Player.

Brandan Kearney, 6’5 G, 2011, Detroit Southeastern/Michigan Mustangs- Because of his potential has to be ranked as Michigan’s best player right now in 2011. Can play both guard spots. Great shooter. Really good player right now, but has the potential to be one of the best Michigan players in a long time. Elite High Major talent.

Doug Anderson, 6’6 PF, 2009, Kalamazoo Central/Michigan Mustangs- If he had guard skills, with his athleticism and intensity on the court, would be a one and done player in college, but he doesn’t; so he’s mid-major. Never takes a play off, which is what I love about him. Pretty good player.

Duke Mondy, 6’3 SG, 2009, Grand Rapids Catholic Central/Michigan Mustangs- The Mustangs 17s go to player. Guarded Lance Stephenson, arguably the best player in the nation, admirably. Probably a mid-major plus guy. But may sneak up on people, and get a high major scholarship, If he plays during the high school season, how he played in Vegas. Good player.

Ben Simons, 6’7 ?, 2009, Cadillac/Grand Rapids Storm- What position is he? Is he quick enough to guard the wing in college most likely not. And that’s why I think he’s a mid major player. Shooting is his forte, but when his shot is off, he’s not the same player. Needs to improve his overall game, but I do like his potential.

Drew Valentine, 6’5 Wing, 2009, Lansing Sexton/Michigan Mustangs- Ultimate glue guy. Just flat out gets the job done! Does all the little things to help your team win. Mid majors should be scratching to get a commitment from him.

James Still, 6’8 PF, 2009, Detroit Community/Michigan Hurricanes- Has also played with Detroit Fire and The Family this year, but this has been his best performance to date on the circuit. Mid major plus guy. Long, bouncy. Plays hard at times. Moaps/whines occasionaly.

Alex Gauna, 6’8 PF, 2010, Eaton Rapids/Michigan Mustangs- Alex is a fundamentaly sound big man, with a super soft touch extending to the 3-point line. High majors should watch, because he most likely will end up on that level. Mid majors should be blowing his phone up. With added toughness/strength easy high major.

Percy Gibson, 6’8 PF, 2011, Detroit Southeastern/Michigan Mustangs- Beast! High major player. If he gets 6’10 its all over. Top 5 player in Michigan’s 2011 class. Left handed, when motivated can be very hard to guard. Him and B. Kearney will be a tough twosome in the years to come.

Michigan Player Rankings

1. De’Sheante Riley, 7’0 C, Detroit Country Day-Potential to bigtime to ignore, no one can replace him as #1 now. I believe one day will be a NBA Player. Georgetown commit.
2. Jordan Morgan, 6’8 PF, U-D Jesuit- Gets results. Should be good in Michigan’s system.
3. Derrick Nix, 6’9 C, Detroit Pershing- Huge! Left handed, the better shape he’s in, the better player. Michigan State commit.
4. Donovan Kirk, 6’7 PF, Detroit Country Day- Loads of potential. Bouncy, tough on the glass. Plays hard. Miami-FL commit.
5. Kallante Miller, 6’5 Wing, Oak Park- I love him because he plays so hard. Long, athletic wing. Locks up on D. Mid Major plus player.
6. Dion Sims, 6’5 Basketball Player, Orchard Lake St. Mary’s- Some have forgotten about him, but I wont be surprised if he’s higher when I update these. Calling is football I believe.
7. James Still, 6’8 PF, Detroit Community- Long, bouncy. If he continues to get stronger, could be high major, some thinks he’s the best in Michigan.
8. Duke Mondy, 6’3 SG, Grand Rapids Catholic Central- If he puts it all together, could go high major because of his ability to shoot.

1. Trey Ziegler, 6’5 G, Mt. Pleasant- Best player in Michigan, Top 10-15 Nationally, McDonalds All-American type talent.
2. Keith Appling, 6’2 G, Detroit Pershing- Scores like we breathe. Top 25-30 Nationally. May sneak into McDonalds game when it rolls around.
3. Ray McCallum, JR, 6’1 PG, Detroit Country Day- True PG. Plays hard. Top 25-30 Nationally, See K. Appling for McDonalds game.
4. Michael Talley, 5’8 PG, Melvindale Business and Tech- Has basketball in his blood. Despite size, still gets it done. Needs to get stronger to be definite high major.
5. Alex Gauna, 6’8 PF, Eaton Rapids- Best big in Michigan. Could be high major. Can really put points on the board.
6. Isaiah Sykes, 6’5 Wing, Detroit Finney- Killed it with the Michigan Hurricanes 17s this year. May be a high major player. Transferred to Finney from Detroit Chadsey.
7. Terrell Clinton, 6’7 G/Wing, Benton Harbor- Could be a special player. 6’7 and can play the point. High major potential.

1. Brandan Kearney, 6’5 G, Detroit Southeastern- Has the potential to be the next great Detroit player.
2. LaDante Henton, 6’5 F, Lansing Eastern- May be the best right now, but needs to develop guard skills. First Team All-State as a freshman.
3. Tommie McCune, 6’8 F, Saginaw High- If he gets stronger, could end up the best.
4. Carlton Brundidge, 6’2 G, Southfield- Tough, strong, when he heats up from behind the arc, tough to stop.
5. Percy Gibson, 6’8 PF, Detroit Southeastern- Tough, strong. High major talent.
6. Amir Williams, 6’9 C, Detroit Country Day- High major. Gets to play against high major bigs everyday at practice. Shot blocker and rebounding extraordinaire.

1. Jordan Hare, 6’6 Wing, Saginaw High- Has the potential to be the best player I have ever coached, and some of my players have ended up at Tennessee, Michigan St, and St. John’s.
2. Kevin Marshall, JR, 6’6 PF, Saginaw High- Also has the potential to be one of the better players I have coached. Size 18 shoe. May get 6’9.
3. Denzel Valentine, 6’4 Wing, Lansing Sexton- Minus the flash, and he’s more effective. Once his body matures, the better he gets.
4. Ray Lee, 6’3 SG, Dearborn Heights Robichaud- Long, very good scorer. Some think he’s the best in Michigan.
5. Cameron Fowler, 6’2 SG, U-D Jesuit- Some think he’s the best in Michigan. Plays on Detroit Fire with Ray. Good scorer.

National Player Rankings
1. Derrick Favors, 6’9 PF, South Atlanta (GA)- Future Lottery Pick, could be the next Dwight Howard.
2. John Wall, 6’4 PG, Word of God (Raleigh, NC)- Super slick and quick. Can score, but also drop dimes. Most athletic PG since Derrick Rose. Lottery Pick.
3. Xavier Henry, 6’6 SG, Putnam City (Oklahoma City, OK)- Scores in bunches. Super strong. Sometimes should pass more. Lottery Pick.
4. Lance Stephenson, 6’5 Wing, Lincoln (Brooklyn, NY)- See Xavier Henry.
5. John Henson, 6’10 PF, Round Rock (TX) NORTH CAROLINA- Could end up being the best player out of this class, once he gets stronger. Lottery Pick.

1. Josh Smith, 6’10 C, Kentwood (WA)- Huge! Soft hands, put on a dunking show against Pumps BTI in Vegas.
2. Brandon Knight, 6’3 PG, Pinecrest (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)- Loads of potential. Athletic, smart, unselfish, a coaches dream.
3. Jared Sullinger, 6’8 PF, Northland (Columbus, OH)- Most productive player in this class. If he was as athletic as Tristan Thompson would be #1 player.
4. Tristan Thompson, 6’9 PF, St. Benedicts (Newark, NJ)- If he puts it all together, will be #1. Some thinks he’s the best player now.
5. Harrison Barnes, 6’6 Wing, Ames (IA)- See Brandon Knight.

1. Michael Gilchrist, 6’8 Basketball Player, St. Patrick’s (Elizabeth, NJ)- Can do everything, high energy player. Could reach LeBron James type hype.
2. Tony Wroten, 6’5 G, Garfield (Seattle, WA)- Unbelievable player for his age. May have been the best player in the 2008 adidas Super 64.
3. Laquinton Ross, 6’8 SF, Word of God (Raleigh, NC)- Could be the next T-Mac. Long, smooth stroke.
4. Chris Coleman, 6’10 C, Lee Academy (ME)- Under the radar, phenomenal player. Huge!
5. Mike Shaw, 6’8 F, DeLaSalle (Chicago, IL)- Fundamentally sound player, mainstay on Chicago power Mac Irvin Fire 17u team for 2 years already.

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